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Premarital counseling - a must before your religious or non-religious wedding

Couple Dancing
Couple Dancing
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While premarital counseling is traditionally associated with religious weddings, it should be something that all couples consider doing before their wedding. Counseling isn't just for "people with problems" like some people think. Maybe you aren't really into planning or hour long sessions with a counselor, and that's okay. There are a few options from the easily accessible to a little more in depth. There are some blogs and websites that have sample questions to ask each other and work through together. Here is an article to help you sort through whether or not premarital counseling is for you. If you're interested in traditional, in-person premarital counseling, here is a website that will help you search by location. There are some workshops you can attend for a less formal approach than one-on-one counseling. Here is information for a workshop hosted by Lutheran Social Services in Wisconsin. If you would rather have a more self-guided approach to premarital counseling, here is a program you and your fiance can pay for and go through online. This is a general guide that lists 7 of the most important things to address before getting married. And here is a religious guide with questions to ask yourselves before getting married.