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Pregnant woman stoned to death in sick 'honor' killing

A pregnant woman stoned to death in Pakistan was the punishment she received for falling in love with a man. USA Today reports that a crowd of onlookers watched as the 25-year-old woman was stoned to death Tuesday by her own family because she married a man she loved instead of her cousin.

The heinous act involved the father, brother, and angry fiance beat the woman to death. There were also about a dozen male relatives who reportedly used clubs and bricks to kill Farzana Parveen. She was pronounced dead at the hospital after suffering severe head injuries.

Mohammad Azeem, the Pakistan woman's father, is being charged with murder. Others in the "honor" killing are being sought for the same charges. Mohammad said his daughter shamed the family. He said she "insulted" the entire family by marrying a man without their consent. He said, "I have no regret over it."

The woman was attacked when she and husband, Mohammad Iqbal, 45, arrived the court's gates. They were protesting charges Parveen's father filed against them. He charged that Iqbal kidnapped his daughter while she was engaged to her cousin.

"We were in love," Iqbal said.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan revealed in a report that 869 women died from honor killings in 2013. Public honor killings are rare, the report added.

This pregnant woman who was stoned to death in Pakistan is genuinely a sick practice. Hard to believe it occurs in modern-day culture in other nations, but sadly it exists.

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