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Pregnant woman murder: Body recovered, estranged husband charged

Pregnant woman murder: The body of Melissa Sowders, 26, was recovered in a creek Thursday night behind the house of her estranged husband's. She was pregnant at the time she was killed and it is believed that her husband, Matthew Sowders, 28, committed the crime. He was arrested Thursday night with capital murder charges of his wife and her unborn child.

ABC News via Yahoo News reports Jan. 3 that if convicted, Sowders could face the death penalty since that is the punishment carried out for that particular crime in Texas.

Melissa was last seen with her husband at McDonald's on Dec. 26.

"You're here on a charge of capital murder, and I believe it involves the murder of two people, including an unborn child," a court official said at Sowders' probate hearing.

A witness claimed in court documents that when a visit was paid to Sowders' apartment the day Melissa Sowders disappeared, a woman's feet and lower legs were lying on the floor. Sowders apparently closed the door before the witness could see more.

Sowders is being held without bond in the Harris County jail for the pregnant woman's murder.

Sowders is maintaining his innocence. He had three children with Melissa, but she was pregnant with her boyfriend's baby. Matthew and Melissa Sowders filed papers in Oct. for a divorce.

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