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Pregnant woman hit by snowplow killed; Brooklyn woman's baby delivered

A snowplow helps clear a supermarket parking lot after the area is hit by a snowstorm on February 26, 2013 in Kansas City, Missouri.
A snowplow helps clear a supermarket parking lot after the area is hit by a snowstorm on February 26, 2013 in Kansas City, Missouri.
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Sadly, a pregnant woman hit by a snowplow in New York is dead. Min Lin was struck and killed by a man plowing snow from a Brooklyn parking lot Thursday morning. Thankfully, the expecting mom's baby survived and was delivered by emergency cesarean section the same day. NYPD is investigating, but have not charged the man with a crime at this time, citing a Feb. 13 CBSLocal news report.

The pregnant woman died after a snowplow driver hit her as she and her husband were loading groceries into the back of their vehicle in the store's parking lot of the Bay Ridge neighborhood.

Lin, 36, was 8-months pregnant at the time of the fatal snowplow accident. The driver allegedly responsible for her death remained on the scene until police arrived.

The woman was rushed to a local hospital, but died a short time later after the late morning accident. A C-section was performed which resulted in the woman's baby surviving. The infant boy, who weighed about six and one half pounds at birth, was listed in critical but stable condition.

A woman, who lives across the street from the site where the pregnant woman was killed by the snowplow driver, complained about the man in the past.

That guy just drives crazy. I don’t even go across the street when he’s out ’cause he comes on the sidewalk," Linda Perez told reporters.

I just said it two days ago, he's gonna hurt somebody because he drives crazy. And once I saw the police I said to my son 'I bet you he hit somebody' and then they came and told me and 'I said I knew it,'" Perez added.

The deceased woman resided with her husband and their adolescent son in a residence just a few blocks away from the fatal accident.

Sources said the unnamed driver was at the control of a bobcat that had a snowplow attached to remove snow buildup in the parking lot.

It's inconceivable what the woman's husband is going through after witnessing the love of his life being taken away from him and being helpless to save her.

New York and the Mid-Atlantic states have been bombarded by severe weather this winter and a so-called string of polar vortexes are responsible for massive snow accumulations.

In the end, this may be a tragic accident. However, the thought of a pregnant woman hit and killed by a snowplow is unsettling.

Details are emerging.


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