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Mom drives into waves with 3 kids: Video of kids' rescue from sinking van

A pregnant mother drove her van with her three kids inside into the ocean and witnesses say that this appears to have been done on purpose. A minivan went straight into the Florida surf with a child yelling out the window, “help she’s trying to kill us,” reports Fox News Live on March 5.

Pregnant mother drives van into ocean with three kids, dramatic rescue as van starts to go under.
YouTube screen shot

The dramatic rescue was caught on tape as the minivan started to go down in the water at a “pretty quick” rate of time, said one witness, as reported today on ABC News local. The mother drove the vehicle across Daytona Beach and didn’t stop or slow down as it headed straight into the ocean surf. The video of the rescue can be seen above.

Bystanders raced to get the kids out of the van before it went under. The mother and the three kids were trapped inside the sinking van. You can see in the video where the mother is nearly dragged under the car by the surf as another man got two of the children out and struggled in the surf to get them safely to shore.

The third child was stuck inside the van and the waves were taking the vehicle under water fast. Luckily a lifeguard was able to get to the third and last child, but then he got stuck in the van himself. Another lifeguard was able to get the first lifeguard and the child out of the van and onto shore safely. You can see by the video that the turbulent water made the rescue a harrowing feat.

The children ages three, nine and ten were unharmed but are all in the hospital today because they were emotionally upset. One bystander said “it was very emotional” seeing the three children rescued from the vehicle as it was pulled under.

The mother is pregnant and police say she is incoherent, making the investigation slow going as to why she did this. When the kids get out of the hospital they will be placed with family members after a background check is done.

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