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Pregnant woman drives van into ocean, bystanders rescue trapped children

New details are emerging regarding the incident where a pregnant mom's van was driven into the ocean in Florida. NBC News reported that police had spoken with the 31-year-old women just a couple of hours before the pregnant woman drove the van into the water, but they had no reason to detain her.

A pregnant mom's van was driven into the ocean as her kids were trapped inside
Screencap via HuffPost video

The incident with the unnamed pregnant mom's van driving into the ocean with her three children inside was caught on video, and rescuer Tim Teseneer has been speaking with the media. NBC News reports that the pregnant woman, who is said to be from South Carolina, had been undergoing a mental health evaluation the day before the incident.

Tuesday someone from the woman's family called the police, worried about “mental issues.” The woman was interviewed by officers, and she indicated she was “afraid of her ex.” It seems she was headed to a women's shelter, and the officers felt “they couldn't do anything with her.”

Somehow just a couple of hours later, the pregnant woman's van was then driving along Daytona Beach. Tim Tesseneer describes watching her drive, and becoming worried she was too close to the water. He shares that once he heard the children calling for help, he and others nearby jumped into action. The pregnant woman drove the van directly into the water, and the older children were heard crying for help, saying their mom was trying to kill them.

Luckily the determination of the bystanders and lifeguards meant that all three young children, said to be 3, 9 and 10, were recovered safely from the van. Everybody was taken to the hospital, and the children were physically unharmed. The kids will be placed with family while the woman goes through a full mental health evaluation.

The story about the pregnant woman driving her minivan into the ocean has been startling for those following it, and the video is stunning though horrifying. Thank goodness the children are safe, and surely more details regarding the pregnant woman driving the van into the water will surface soon.

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