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Pregnant or not ... Prenatal Yoga expert Amy Griffith will help

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Now to the business of Prenatal fitness and yoga

There is not much I know about pregnancy (or Yoga for that matter), but after almost two decades in the gym, I can assure you that women who take care of themselves do not stop when they become pregnant.

Probably the most memorable for myself is the woman that does an extreme kickboxing routine, nonstop for at least a half hour. Her training regimen is serious. She continued her workouts until a few days before giving birth. And jumped right back into the gym shortly thereafter.

I could go on and on with similar examples, but instead I will just say that the women who continue working out when pregnant also tend to be bright and glad to be mothers.

One woman taught her baby to speak both English and Spanish. Her baby had two first languages.

Not to downplay the male's value in the equation, the woman I just mentioned has a husband who is at the gym almost everyday. They arrange schedules to comply with their fitness lifestyle and children. I remember telling friends about them and saying you just know they are going to be great parents. They already have a second child.

Not to get all smarmy on you, but smart parents that love being parents virtually guarantees a fully functioning youngster that becomes a happy and well-adjusted adult.

Smart mothers, smart children

If you are at all interested in the topic of exercise during pregnancy, you can learn more in the links provided below.

Assuming you are pregnant or going to be:

  • Exercise is not just important to keep the mother fit and healthy, it can benefit the child's lifelong health according to the University of Virginia School of Medicine
  • Maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy is tied to preventing childhood obesity AND is imperative to the mother's health and physical and emotional well being.

But better you hear the benefits from a woman who has been there

Nationally certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Amy Griffith, is one of America’s leading prenatal fitness and lifestyle experts.

Amy's website provides free info and advice including an eBook and video, and five must have tips.

And like most things in fitness and health, even if not pregnant there is much to be learned and used on the website.

Click Amy's photo to watch a video.

And here are more freebies and good stuff by Amy Griffith including her at home workout video.

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