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Roxana Rodriguez, the pregnant nun, to raise baby Francesco

Nun Roxana Rodriguez
Nun Roxana Rodriguez

Roxana Rodriguez is the pregnant nun who had a baby boy last Wednesday in Rieti, Italy. Roxana Rodriguez is a 31-year-old El Salvadoran woman. She was quickly taken to a hospital after experiencing stomach pains and delivered the 6-pound baby several hours later, according to a WebProNews account published on Sunday.

Rodriguez named her baby after Pope Francis – Francesco (Francis). She asserted that she didn’t know she was pregnant. When doctors told her she was experiencing contractions and she was having a baby, she said, “It’s not possible. I’m a nun.”

Fellow-nuns said that they didn’t know she was pregnant and stated that she kept to herself. However, they did notice that she was gaining weight. Now, some are thinking that she stayed to herself to hide the pregnancy – not quite believing that she didn’t know she was pregnant.

Yet, Don Fabrizio Borrelio, a local pastor, said that he guesses the nun is telling the truth when she says she arrived at the hospital unaware of the pregnancy. He also said that she plans to take care of the baby herself. However, the convent's mother superior, Sister Erminia, said, "It seems she was not able to resist temptation."

The location of the nun birth - Rieti - is a small city located in the central part of Italy which has a population of some 47,700 people. The nun belongs to a convent - the Little Disciples of Jesus - which is located near the city. The convent manages an old folks’ home. As the news of a nun having a baby goes viral, the mayor of the city, Simone Petrangeli, has asked persons and the media to give the women privacy.

Clothes and donations have been collected for the nun and the baby by persons at the hospital where she gave birth.

The Catholic Church is reportedly quite embarrassed by the nun's pregnancy and child birth. Delio Lucarelli, the Bishop of Rieti, said, "It would be preferable that she now lead a secular life with her baby, away from religious institutions." In other words, she's being kicked out of the convent. Yet, the local diocese is offering the nun and her baby assistance until the woman decides on her future.

Rodriguez reportedly is going to keep the baby and raise him. Thus far, nobody knows who the father is – except, maybe, Rodriguez and the father.

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