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Pregnant nun: Catholic nun gives birth, says she didn't know she was pregnant

A pregnant nun gives birth to a baby boy in Italy but claims that she had no idea that she was pregnant. On Jan. 19, the New York Post posted a photo of 31-year-old Roxana Rodriguez who went to the hospital with stomach pain and came out with a son.

"It's not possible, I’m a nun," said Rodriguez... well perhaps this was an Immaculate Conception... the local Bishop advised Rodriguez to leave the religious sector and raise her child... saying that it would be preferable if she lived a "secular life." Although she didn't know she was pregnant -- and is playing it off like she has no clue how this could have happened -- Rodriguez is now a mom and has a new life to live.

The pregnant nun made headline news last week when it was reported that she gave birth. However, she hasn't changed her story at all since she went to the hospital and many wonder if she's lying just to save face. Check out the video above for more on this story.

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