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Pregnant mother of four dies after being stung by wasps in backyard

A pregnant mother of four has died due to wasp stings.
A pregnant mother of four has died due to wasp stings.

Some sad news reported by WTVR on Friday, Aug. 1, 2014, stated that a pregnant mother of four died very suddenly after she was stung by wasps while working out in her backyard. 32-year-old Sarah Marie Schulzetenberg Harkins died at the hospital after an aneurysm in her brain burst due to the stress of the wasp stings and an allergic reaction.

Her unborn baby, Cecilia Rachel, also passed away. states that she was 21 weeks pregnant with the couple's, her husband Eric, fifth child.

Harkins was out working in the backyard and came upon a beehive that she accidentally disturbed. She ended up being stung multiple times, but somehow still made it into the house. She asked her husband to call 911 and get an ambulance out to her.

She ended up collapsing on the floor and her husband performed CPR, and once medics arrived on the scene, they were able to revive her. Harkins face had been severely swollen due to the stings.

After passing away, doctors informed Eric Harkins that an aneurysm had been lingering in her brain, and the stress of the stings was just too much for it. Doctors said she was brain-dead as of this past Monday when her family decided to take her off of life support.

Since her death, more than $100,000 has been donated to help assist her husband Eric and their four children: seven-year-old Liam, five-year-old Analee, three-year-old Jude, and one-year-old Mary Faustina. Young Mary was born with Down Syndrome.

Harkins was seen by many as a great wife and mother to her family. She was also an active member of the St. Mary Catholic Church. Part of her obituary read:

“She recently initiated a women’s bible study for the parish home-school mothers,” it stated. “While home schooling her own children, she created a Montessori-style preschool program for the local home schooling co-op. She also ran a home business of designing handcrafted clay rosaries and jewelry, which sold worldwide. As a faithful volunteer at Mary’s Shelter crisis pregnancy center, she donated her handmade jewelry for fundraising events.”

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