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Pregnant man ready for another baby, wants wife to carry this time

Thomas Beatie, known to most people as the "pregnant man," wants to have another baby with his wife Amber. Approaching age 40, Beatie knows that having another baby is risky -- not to mention the fact that he's had surgery and has developed a stomach hernia which would make his pregnancy a living you-know-what. So, according to a video report from Inside Edition, Beatie wants his wife to carry their child this time.

Beatie says that he can still produce eggs so he and Amber will try and get pregnant with one of his eggs since they are technically "younger." The couple will use the same sperm donor as they did for their other three kids -- this way, the children are all biological siblings.

Beatie says he's really excited for Amber to carry their child and that he will be super-supportive of her -- since he knows what it's like to be pregnant. He vows to rub her feet every night!

Check out the video above for more on this story.

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