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Yoga and sugar-free diet keep pregnant Kelly Rowland healthy

Pregnant Kelly Rowland flaunts baby bump in yoga: Her low-carb diet and workout
Kelly Rowland Instagram

Pregnant Kelly Rowland showed off her baby bump on Instagram, finally confirming rumors she's expecting her first baby with manager-husband Tim Witherspoon.

Rowland posted a photo of herself doing a yoga pose at the gym wearing a sports bra and gym pants that accentuated her growing belly.

Kelly, 33, is a longtime workout fanatic who has credited a low-carb, sugar-free diet for her stunning physique. Rowland works out almost every day, saying exercise makes her look and feel her best. “I work out five or six times a week," Rowland told Shape. "I feel better, look better, sleep better."

The former Destiny's Child singer exercises with celebrity trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, whom she credits for her firm glutes and biceps. Kelly varies her workouts, combining boxing, circuit-training, weight-lifting and yoga. Jenkins shared Rowland's weight-loss and workout secrets in her exercise DVD, Jeanette Jenkins: The Hollywood Trainer.

Sugar Fuels Weight Gain and Causes Wrinkles

Rowland doesn't like to diet, and instead prefers to eat well most of the time while still enjoying her favorite foods. She said she eats well 80 percent of the time, and allows herself to indulge her guilty pleasures the other 20 percent.

In 2010, Kelly cut sugar out of her diet and promptly lost 10 pounds without trying. Rowland said giving up sugar made a huge difference in her appearance and her energy levels.

The health and weight-loss benefits of a sugar-free diet aren't surprising to fitness expert Sarah Wilson, author of I Quit Sugar. According to Wilson, eliminating sugar promotes effortless weight loss, dramatically improves your energy, and helps you look younger.

Obesity expert Dr. Mary Hyman agrees. Hyman, who helped Bill Clinton lose 30 pounds and eliminate sugar from his diet, said sugar is an addictive drug that makes you fat and look old. "Sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine,” Hyman, author of The 10-Day Detox Diet. “And sugar actually causes diabetes and obesity.”

What's more, Dr. Hyman said sugar causes wrinkles, acne and other skin flare-ups. "Sugar raises insulin levels, which promotes inflammation, causing acne," he said.

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