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Pregnant German Shepherd weeks 3-6 of pregnancy (Part 2)

Shima at end of 6 weeks pregnant
Valerie King

Weeks 3 through 6 become more exciting. Once you notice the nipples are larger and a darker shade of pink and the hair thinning around the nipples then other symptoms will start to become evident.

  • Days 21-28, the female may have morning sickness, including a little vomiting and loss of appetite.
  • Day 25, using a stethoscope, gently, you may be able to hear heartbeats.
  • Day 30, the embryos can be very gently felt. About a nickel size.

Some females may have morning sickness, our female did not have morning sickness but she did have some vomiting episodes. There was an incident where she urinated on the floor in the house. This could be due to a new growing pressure on her bladder.

You will not be able to tell the number of pups by listening to the heartbeats, but you can hear them, (according to research and lack of available stethoscope, unable to verify.)

Once you can feel the embryos, she can have an ultrasound and you can find out definitely how many pups there are.

After 42 days, the symptoms are more noticeable and her abdomen will grow quickly.

Your female may become more restless and start searching for a nesting place; she may also groom herself more often.

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