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Pregnant German Shepherd weeks 1-3 of pregnancy (Part 1)

Shima at time of mating, before pregnancy symptoms
Shima at time of mating, before pregnancy symptoms
Valerie King

The first three weeks when a female German Shepherd is pregnant is the least exciting part, other than hoping that she is pregnant and waiting for signs of pregnancy symptoms. This series of articles is our experience with our GS. Please note the article, Successful mating steps for German Shepherds, tells what to look for and how to mate GSs for the best results. Now, this series will deal with the pregnancy. Part 1: weeks 1-2; Part 2: weeks 3-6; Part 3: weeks 6-9 and Part 4: whelping.

Weeks one through three are pretty boring, if the female is pregnant there are no noticeable signs. All changes are occurring inside.

  • The eggs get fertilized as they travel to the uterus, this occurs 2-3 days after mating.
  • Day 10-11, these eggs embed themselves into the lining of the uterus.
  • Day 14-15, the nipples become larger and a darker pink.
  • Day 20, the fur thins out around the nipples. (easier access for pups)

About the only exciting part of this pregnancy is the waiting. Get to know your GS female's body during that first week. Take note of the nipples, the sizes, color and the hair around the nipple. Compare what you saw during that first week to what you see at the start of week 3, there should be some evident changes. If you do not notice any changes, take a closer look in about a week.

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