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Pregnant dog who bit child may be put down by officials

Fate of dog in the hand of officials
Fate of dog in the hand of officials
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According to Monday's publication of the Shelburne County Coast Guard, a pregnant dog in Roseway Park, Canada, who bit a four-year-old child who walked into the dog's yard, may be euthanized.

Shirley Oikle's four-year-old son was alone when he walked into the yard where the six-year-old beagle mix was tethered; when the boy bent down to pet the dog, she bit him on the face. The dog, named "Stormy," has since been seized by Municipality of Shelburne.

While impounded, Stormy delivered her litter of puppies. Now, officials are trying to determine if Stormy's behavior was influenced by her pregnancy hormones, or if she is simply a dangerous dog who should be put down.

Stormy's owner, Claire Brown, never saw any signs of aggression in her dog, and she had no idea that the little boy was in her yard when the bite took place.

The boy's family wants to see Stormy put down - regardless of her hormonal state at the time of the attack. The life-or-death decision will be made sometime next week.

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