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Pregnant and breast feeding with morning sickness

breast feeding while pregnant
breast feeding while pregnant
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There are many means of easing morning sickness, many are plentifully available here in Manchester.  Ginger tea, ginger ale, eating protein, protein and more protein firs thing in the morning will help.  Before you lift your head from the pillow, lay there and munch a protein bar, sip some ginger tea or ginger ale then get up slowly, move about slowly, ease into the day. Acupressure bands are also wonderful!  You can find the teas and protein bars at A Market in Manchester.

Some pregnant women who are also breast feeding find that doing so eases their morning sickness.  Some find the opposite is true.  The key is to really stay on top of hydrating yourself, eating enough protein and avoiding any triggers like strong smells.  If let down causes your morning sickness to be worse, try a different nursing position.  Sometimes the worse position is with your baby on your stomach.  Try side lying or foot ball hold for nursing while pregnant and nauseous.