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Pregnant Amina Buddafly says that Peter Gunz is treating her better

Amina Buddafly poses for a picture while performing in New Orleans.
Amina Buddafly/Instagram

When Amina Buddafly stunned the cast and fans of "Love & Hip Hop" with her pregnancy news, many worried she and Peter Gunz wouldn't last. She says that is not the case though because her hubby is doing better. According to Sister 2 Sister on Wednesday, Peter is treating her better and really putting effort into their relationship.

The last season of "Love & Hip Hop" showcased the love triangle between Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace. Peter was playing both women at the same time and it looked real bad for him. It looked bad for Amina too because Gunz had been with Tara Wallace for some 13 years. Amina was just supposed to be a performer that he was producing. Well we all know how that goes.

At the "Love & Hip Hop" reunion show, Tara seemed to take much of the Peter and Amina news well. She seems to have moved on and even said she felt sorry for Amina. Tara fgured that Peter Gunz would just cheat on her too, as he did with pretty much everyone he's been with in the past.

Now Amina is due in just a few more months and is looking great. She says that her relationship with Peter isn't perfect but the pair are doing good and that he's definitely showing signs of improvement. Amina also said as far as hiding her marriage in the beginning, that it was really just for the cameras. She said when they were out and about, there was no hiding. She and Peter Gunz were affectionate and didn't save their affection for private places. Maybe that's why Tara wasn't freaking out at the reunion show. She seemed just a little too cool with Gunz' antics and way too accepting of his marriage and baby news.

It's hard not to like Amina Buddafly. Even though she knowingly got involved with a "taken" man, she's got a sweetness about her and she's one of the few "Love & Hip Hop" cast that actually have musical talent. The duo have been spotted out and about in New Orleans a lot recently and they do look happy together.

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