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Pregnant? 10 things to do now (or if you want to be)

The Stork is here!
The Stork is here!

1. Nourish your female reproductive system

  • Eat avocados. Ever noticed how your food sometimes looks like some of your body parts? (food that is in it’s natural state, of course.) Avocados resemble a woman’s womb or uterus. It helps in fighting cervical cancer and balancing hormones. Avocados also take 9 months to fully blossom...the same amount of time for a baby to develop. The healthy fat also helps with post pregnancy weight loss.
  • Maca root, a fertility superfood found in the Andes Mountains, helps to balance your hormones and nourishes your hormones while contributing to healthier eggs. I usually add this to my smoothies for breakfast.
  • Olives promote healthy ovaries and are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Olives are great on salads or on your homemade pizza...or just to snack on!
  • Folic Acid and a B complex supplement. B vitamins help support neural tube development (the baby’s brain and spinal cord) and prevent spina bifida. Not only do these help support your baby, but also gives you loads more of energy, helps to ease any nausea and supports a healthy nervous system and metabolism. It never hurts to take additional B complex supplement in addition to your prenatal. If anything, you will feel better.
  • DHA supplement. Research shows that DHA helps gives your baby’s brain and eyes the nutrition it needs for proper development and a higher IQ.
  • A high quality prenatal vitamin. You are only pregnant once with this baby so why not make sure you are giving him/her the very best nutrients possible? Try a whole food based vitamin that is all natural and gets the vitamins and minerals from food instead of the cheap store bought brands that have artificial, man made vitamins. A good prenatal I recommend is Garden of Life vitamin code prenatal. It also has ginger root in it help fight nausea.
  • Eat food that is natural, not processed. You want to avoid gestational diabetes and consuming sugar (i.e starbucks, cookies, white breads, or processed foods) only aggravate your blood sugar while pregnant. Being healthy pre-pregnancy will make for a less complicated pregnancy in general.
  • Consume the right amount of protein to help keep lean muscle tissue. (chicken, wild caught salmon, and occasionally beef. A great raw food form of protein to try is spirulina.
  • Keep things moving by consuming fiberous foods like broccoli, flax, prunes and lots of green vegetables, apples, whole grains, and legumes.
  • Even though you will already be peeing more often, it is worth it to keep well hydrated. Your blood volume will greatly increase and your body will need to extra water to cope with this. Also, drinking plenty of fluids will help to avoid any dehydration which can lead to hospitalization, nausea, also avoid constipation.

Good Luck!


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