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Pregnancy rumors spread as Duchess of Cambridge misses Ralph Lauren event

Pregnancy rumors spread as Duchess of Cambridge misses Ralph Lauren event
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

It seems that missing a Ralph Lauren charity event, especially since the Duchess of Cambridge favors the designer, indicates that Kate Middleton is pregnant with baby number two. Sources say that another indication that the Duchess is expecting is the fact that she did not attend a friend’s wedding with Prince William in Memphis.

The couple’s first child, Prince George, is only nine months old, yet a report from today, May 20, indicates that the Duchess of Cambridge may be expecting again. Sources say that the Duke and Duchess are eager to add to their family and that Kate has disclosed to close family members that she is pregnant with their second child.

The source says that the first clue was when the Duchess did not go to Memphis with Prince William for the wedding of one of his best friends. Calling it a bizarre move on Kate’s behalf, the source says that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge usually operate as a team when it comes to attending weddings. Sitting out such a major event may indicate that the Duchess is in the early stages of pregnancy.

Another indicator, says the source, is that Kate did not attend a recent charity event hosted on behalf of fashion designer Ralph Lauren. Reportedly Kate favors Ralph Lauren’s designs and there was absolutely no reason for the Duchess to miss out on the event. Unless of course the Duchess is experiencing severe morning sickness, as she did when pregnant with Prince George.

There could be numerous reasons why the Duchess of Cambridge chose not to accompany Prince William to Memphis for their friend’s wedding. There are numerous reasons why Kate opted out of the Ralph Lauren charity even. Perhaps Prince George is at a stage of his babyhood where he needs his mother and the Duchess has made it clear that her son and her husband are her priority. Perhaps Prince George is teething and fussy and being a good mother, the Duchess decided to stay home and care for him.

If the Duke and Duchess are expecting a second child, it is likely that the Royal family will keep it under wraps as long as they possibly can. The only reason the Duchess’s first pregnancy was announced so early on was because she was hospitalized for severe morning sickness.