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Pregnancy Risk Sex and Why It Is A Turn On For Men and Women

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Cuckolding and hotwifing both involve wife sharing. In a case of hotwifing the husband enjoys seeing his wife having sex with another man where he ends up enjoying great pleasure from the act. In a cuckolding relationship the husband may have lower sex drive where he agrees with his wife to look for a single alpha male called a bull, whom the wife will participate in sex with while the husband is watching. Cuckolding involves a lot of humiliation where the husband is required to clean semen of another man which has been deposited on or in the wife.

Both cuckolding and hotwifing can pregnancy risk sex hence the parties involved should be careful when engaging in the relationships. It is normally a way of achieving sexual satisfaction in the couples but raising a child who the wife has conceived through participating in sex with another man can be a bit hard or it can end up bringing up social complications later. However some couples and single males are extremely turned on by the though and feeling of pregnancy risk sex. Single men are turned on because it is a chance to breed a hotwife, whereas a wife is turned on that an alpha male is inseminating her other than her husband. For you to enjoy cuckolding or hotwifing with your partner you need to take necessary measures which will ensure you avoid cases where you will end up conceiving unless everyone agrees that the pregnancy risk sex is not an issue. The following are ways through which you can deal with the issue of pregnancy risk sex in case you are involved in cuckolding or hotwifing:

Use protections such as condoms in case you will like to participate in cuckolding or hotwifing during your fertile days

For a woman to conceive she has to participate in sex during fertile days. If you are looking for pregnancy risk sex, then this would be a good time for the wife to play with another man. But if you are not wanting a pregnancy, and the wife is fertile in these days, then you need to take necessary measures and buy protections such as condoms.There are condoms both for men and women hence you need to decide on the one that you will prefer using during the act. Before you introduce the idea of making use of the protections during your adventure in cuckolding you need to discuss with your partner and reach an agreement so that you will all enjoy the adventure. If you are ok with the pregnancy risk then you should read up on: Best positions to get pregnant in

Use pills to avoid pregnancy during cuckolding or hotwifing

Another way through which you will easily avoid getting pregnant is where you will make use of pills. There are several pills available in the market which you can buy over the counter and use to stay safe during the sexual encounter. For you to choose the best pills you need to consult your doctor who will inform you about the best pills for you to use. While making use of the pills for you to avoid pregnancy risk sex, you need to follow all the instructions provided on the packets of the pills for you to achieve in protecting yourself against unwanted pregnancy. Some pills will tend to have some side effects on the users hence you should be careful when making use of them for you to avoid health complications later after you have made sue of the pills. The major side effect of birth control pills are weight gain and lower libido for women.

Try to use birth control injections for you to achieve in avoiding pregnancy risk sex

Another option which you can use to stay safe when practicing cuckold or hotwifing during fertile days is where you will use injections which will protect you from becoming pregnant. There are several injections available in the market hence you need to discuss with your partner and decide on the best for you to use. After you decide on the best injections you will achieve in practicing cuckolding or hotwifing without any risk of getting pregnant. This will avoid you stress where you will end up regretting later after you discover you are pregnant and you do not know the real father of the child in case you had participated in sex with many people. Taking necessary measures to stay safe during your cuckolding or hotwifing adventure is something that you should take seriously because it will enable you enjoy your free time in the sexual adventures without risking getting pregnant which you may have or may not planned for. Cuckolding or hotwifing can be the best way for you to break monotony in your sexual relationship but after you have taken necessary measures that will avoid you cases where you will be stressed by pregnancy risk sex. The cuckold, howife and swinging lifestyle is nothing new and millions of couples can't be wrong. Several couples join sites like to indulge in their fantasies. In closing it is always great to let everyone on board know the intentions of everyone.