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Pregnancy Prediction - Boy or Girl?


It is the age old pregnancy question – how can I tell if I am having a boy or a girl? Your answer awaits you in this article for there is one way that many Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors use that is a great way to predict the gender of your baby. Here is how it works:

A person’s body is divided into different categories: yin and yang. The yin-yang theory is a fundamental understanding of how all things work. It is the idea that two complementary and opposing forces exist in the universe that mutually defines each other. The left side of the body represents the yang and the right side represents the yin. Yang symbolizes things such as masculinity, heat, light, and activity, whereas the yin symbolizes things like femininity, cold, darkness, and rest. Both yin and yang create each other and would not exist with out each other.

When trying to predict if you are having a boy or a girl, you should compare the pulses on the left/yang side versus the right/yin side. A pregnancy pulse is indicated as a “slippery pulse”. This feels like pearls rolling around on a plate in a smooth fluid like motion and is full in sensation. Here are the steps to checking your pulse:

  • Step 1
    Turn your right hand palm-side up, then place your index, middle and ring fingers of your left hand along the outer edge of your right wrist just below where your wrist and thumb meet.
  • Step 2
    Gently press down with the three fingers until you feel your pulse.

Now repeat the same process but on the left hand. Do you feel a difference between the left and right hand’s pulse? Feel for the side that has the more slippery and full sensation pulsing underneath your finger tips while checking the pulse. Whichever side has those characteristics will tell you if you are having a boy or a girl. So if you feel it on your right hand – congratulations you are having a baby girl! If you feel it on your left – congratulations it's a baby boy!

The more sensitive you are at detecting the slight subtleties in pulses, the earlier in pregnancy you can predict the gender of your child. Of course, the only surefire way to tell the gender of your child is through ultrasound or amniocentesis. So in the mean time, try out this really great and fun experiment, you’ll be surprised by what your body can tell you! If you have any questions or would like to know more about TCM, please visit Texas Acupuncture Clinic or find us on Facebook at Tiffany Chiu at Texas Acupuncture Clinic


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