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Pregnancy and carpal tunnel help

Pregnancy and carpal tunnel, the good and the bad. Being pregnant should be one the happiest time of your life.

Unfortunately, life brings its ups and downs. Carpal tunnel pinched nerves in your wrist and palm area creating numbness in your hand and fingers can be very painful before, during, and after your pregnancy.

It is a matter that should be addressed with your doctor. Your physician can refer you to physical/occupational therapy.

Occupational therapy can be very helpful to relieve your annoying pain and numbness. I'm there and I recommend. The last few weeks I have been given the gift to go to Medcessity. Prior options were drugs and contemplating surgery. I wouldn't be sharing this with you right now, if it hadn't been for the help that I've received.

At Medcessity in Long Beach you will be treated with extra TLC. They are not only therapists, they are compassionate and caring people who truly have your welfare at heart. They care about their patients. They are friendly, positive, and extremely helpful.

Treatment starts with dipping your hand in warm paraffin wax, then wrapping your hand to keep it warm. This helps to relax your muscles and you. An extra bonus you'll get is that the warm wax makes your skin feel pleasantly soft.

Sounds good doesn't it. A spa treatment that can be life changing.

Just consider it a mini retreat for an hour in your day.

At Medcessity, ultrasound treatments provide comforting heat and pain relief for your Carpal Tunnel. You are guided through an exercise plan personalized for your needs. Included are massage and gentle stretching of hand and fingers.

Your treatment ends with an option to wrap your hand in an ice pack, to help reduce any inflammation.

We all need TLC and these awesome people provide it. TV, music, and smiles. A relaxed pleasant atmosphere. Something to get your mind off your troubling pain. Focus on the positive.

Be aggressive in your own health. Help is out there. Go get it.

Next, I plan on returning for neck and back pain relief. Something I was going to do before this Carpal Tunnel flared up. I'm guessing you could use that too. I'll be sure to share more then. Maybe I'll see you there.

Being pregnant should be a positive experience. You deserve to feel well.

Get a referral from you doctor. Do it for you.Take my word you will be glad you did.

Be strong, stay positive, and find those who support you.

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