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PREFUNC elmiinates hangovers by supporting healthy liver function


The Red Sox just celebrated their home opener at Fenway Park. The weather is finally getting warmer. Summer is almost here. Need another reason to celebrate? After a night of drinking you won’t get a hangover thanks to PREFUNC.

If that isn’t the best thing you have heard in a long time, we don’t know what is. PREFUNC is a two-ounce shot that you take before or during a night out to help alleviate those terrible morning-after symptoms.

Made with natural herbs, fruits and spices, including Green Tea Leaf, Indian Gooseberry Fruit, Licorice Root, Long Pepper Fruit, Ginger Rhizome, Milk Thistle and Asian Ginseng Root, PREFUNC is designed to help support liver function allowing your body to recuperate, detox and recover before the symptoms begin.

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