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Prediction: Obama, Dems will keep majority in 2010/2012

     I believe you have read it here first (I don’t read too many others political articles because I’m sick of politicians in both parties). But since it is New Year’s Eve and, trust me, I haven’t been drinking yet, I wanted to make the boldest prediction for the mid-term and next presidential election: the Dems will still keep the majority and the White House. Stop laughing, and I will explain how.
     With control of the White House and Congress, I see the Democrats and President Obama as consistently blaming Bush and the GOP for all/most of what has happened and what continues to happen in this country. And they won’t stop the blame game because that is what the party in control, Dem or GOP, always does. It solves nothing and keeps the country divided, just like politicians and the mainstream media like it. If we are fighting amongst ourselves and pitting one party against the other, that is essential for these two parties to continue ripping us off and keeping us under their slimy thumbs.
     So why will President Obama and the Dems keep control of Washington after the 2010 and 2012 elections? Simple. In my opinion we are seeing more and more people working for the government, stealing from the government (our politicians especially) and relying on the government. With everything from illegal immigrants possibly being granted amnesty and full citizenship within the next three years (conveniently before the next presidential election) and consistent bailouts of union-run private businesses and more government union jobs being filled, it is clear that the working class and the business owners are shrinking in numbers and millions more are on-board the Obama-train for big government.
     Will America the free market machine prevail? No, but I honestly believe the majority of American voters in the next two elections are either too uneducated or too selfish to realize the danger of growing government debt and programs coupled with an economy that will not be allowed to be empowered with the beauty of free market competition and survival of the fittest.
     We have never seen the true democracy I envisioned as a college student (who paid his own way) and fear we never will. I hope my prediction for the next elections are wrong because we need business leaders running this country and not politicians. But seeing the only difference between the GOP and Dems is the R or D behind the next puppet candidate, I see this country as speeding down the path of big government growth and economic mediocrity.
     I hope I’m wrong, but with the majority of voting Americans wanting their piece of the government pie, I don’t see us ever getting back to what our forefathers had envisioned.


  • Davidfromcali 5 years ago

    We will never have a so-called 'free' market because business interests are completely against it. Every tax write-off a business has is a way to redirect public funds into their profit. The money they don't pay comes directly from those who can't write off cars, meals, buildings, depreciation, vacations (I'm sorry, that was a very necessary business meeting 1000 miles away at a resort town) etc. The corporation is designed specifically to let shareholders, managers, owners, etc. avoid most of the responsibility for their actions, i.e. limiting liability. Sell deadly products, gosh I guess the company gets blamed, not those making the decisions.
    If businesses had to pay for everything and then pay the same taxes as everyone else I would be allowed to spend my money where I want, making profits for the businesses I support. If they get a tax break then I have to cover it and I get no say whatsoever in which businesses raise profits with my money.

    It's a rigged game called America.