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Prediction: Barack Obama may not finish his second term as president

I believe this is a very real possiblity that President Barack Obama will not finish his second term as president. This is not a conspiracy but a very simple explanation of what could possibly be happen, if what seems to be true, is in fact true, about this president. While CNN might spend as long delving into different theories about this, if the prediciton comes true, as they have about Flight 370 and its disppearance, the explanation for this is really simple.
Predition that Obama will not finish his second term as president

We have a very narcissistic, manipulating, controlling manchild president that Pastor James David Manning, on his radio program The Manning Report, called a cocaine smoking, homosexual, pathological liar, and a “mack daddy.” The allegations are abound, that the president is very likely to still be abusing cocaine or perhaps crack cocaine while in the White House. While I have no evidence of this, I do believe it is very possible and probably true.

It would not surprise me if we learn some day, that the president has passed away due to an overdose on cocaine. A coke overdose can cause a heart attack, and the death of the president in the White House might simply be reported as having been caused by a heart attack and we may not be told that the heart attack was attributed to cocaine overdose. Mia Marie Pope, interviewed by Jeff Rense on Rense Radio, stated that smoking of cocaine causes ones lips to get very dark, and she had seen Obama's lips that way when he had been smoking the drug.

Such a scenario would cause Uncle Joe Biden to be sworn in as president, and a Biden presidency probably clears the way for Hillary Clinton to be nominated in 2016 and run for president as the Democrat Party nominee. Remember, Biden has run two disastrously failed campaigns for the Democrat nomination in 1988 and 2008, and no serious political mind of either party thinks Biden has any serious chance of winning the nomination in 2016. But he will be running for it again.

Like the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, this event will lead to conspiracy theories as well. The far left will go completely into its own tinfoil hat mode and come up with elaborate conspiracy theories of how the CIA and other shadowy elements, probably connecting them to George W. Bush (the far left still insists on blaming Bush) had Barack Obama assassinated and set it up to look like a heart attack or a drug overdose, or both, a heart attack caused by cocaine use. Denying that he ever used cocaine while in the White House, the far left will also suggest part of the grand conspiracy involved injecting cocaine into the president's body to make it look like he had been using the drug.

If such a conspiracy is even remotely possible, it might actually be because they were afraid Obama would run his mouth and leak some real secrets, after he leaves office as president. Think of the movie “Wag the Dog.” The movie producer the White House hired insisted on getting credit for the charade he helped orchestrate, so to prevent him from spilling the beans on what happened, he was taken out in such a way that was made to look like a heart attack, precisely what some believe was done to Andrew Breitbart. The news media the next day reports him dying at home of a heart attack. If there is such a conspiracy, and I have my doubts, then such a cabal would view Obama as much as a threat as the movie producer in “Wag the Dog,” and they would be behind taking out Obama.

I do believe our sociopath president is fully capable of ordering the murder of anyone who he believes threatens his power. I believe they viewed Andrew Breitbart as such a threat. I've been asked if my writings criticizing the president make me a threat to his power. Absolutely not. This column is no doubt read by someone working for Obama, but I doubt they take it very seriously. After all, they can just laugh it all, saying look at the latest absurd rantings by the “conservative blogger who created the discredited UnSkewed Polls, Dean Chambers.” Then their pal Chris Matthews will do another segment featuring me in his “right wing clown car” and their friend Dave Weigel at Slate will write another story about the latest tinfoil hat conspiracy about Obama put forth by the “creator of the discredited UnSkewed Polls.” My phone will be ringing soon, with Weigel asking me about this prediction about Obama not finishing his term as president. Cocaine is still the likely explanation. A president who likely does as much coke as Obama appears to do (watch for the dark colored lips) is very prone to an overdose.

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