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Predicting your personality by the music you listen to

Music therapy has proven beneficial in several mental conditions such as autism. It can also be a soothing compassion for someone who is stressed, lonely, or depressed. Now scientists are able to predict a person’s personality simply through the music that he/she chooses.

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The types of music different personalities enjoy


Extroverts tend to enjoy classical music and jazz; music with heavy bass. They also tend to have higher IQ’s.

Note: This former clinician reasons that selection in music is also cultural as the poor are not usually exposed to classic music. The score lower on IQ’s because they also are not as well read or cultured as the middle class and the wealthy.

This is not to say there is no merit in the experiment. A survey was done involving 36,000 people from all around the world. The researchers at Heriot-Watt University asked the participants to rate over 100 music styles and to reveal a little about their personalities. This is what they found:

Pop Music

If you are a lover of pop music such as the top 40, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Britney Spears and so on you tend to be an extrovert. The research dictates that you are honest and conventional somewhat hardworking with good self-esteem; but a little uneasy.

Rap and Hip/Hop

The stereotype that people who love rap music tend to be more violent or aggressive is just not so say the researchers. On the contrary people who enjoy rap and artists such as Snoop Dog and Nikki Minaj are happy and outgoing. They usually have high self-esteem.

Country music

People who love country music even if it is often about heartbreaks and other tragedies are hardworking and quite stable.

Rock and heavy metal music

You might think these people are wild and violent; however, the research shows they are gentle. They are very creative but are introverted and may suffer from low self-esteem.

Indie or exotic music

Do you gravitate towards Indie or exotic music? The research shows that fans of this kind of music are introverted, intellectual. They don’t work so hard and are not very gentle. They are also passive and have a lower self-esteem.

Note: again I feel there is a cultural bias here.

Dance music

People who like this kind of music are assertive, outgoing and love fun.

Classical music

This study contradicts the other study by saying classical music lovers are generally introverted. They are creative and a well-adjusted.

Blues, soul, jazz

These people are extroverted, intelligent, creative and at ease. I am a blues and soul lover. I am intelligent, creative and warm and friendly.

Not much research has been done on music and personalities. However, for people who identify themselves with the music they love, this could be an interesting finding.


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