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Predicting the Detroit Lions 2014 season

What kind of record will Matthew Stafford lead the Lions to?
What kind of record will Matthew Stafford lead the Lions to?
Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

OK, it's go time. The Detroit Lions 2014 season is about to begin. Last year, they sputtered down the stretch, finished 7-9, and got Jim Schwartz fired. It's the Jim Caldwell Era now. We've seen the preseason. We know where the roster stands. Now, comes the predictions. Here is what I think will happen in every game of the season for the Detroit Lions.

Week 1: Detroit Lions v. New York Giants - The Lions open the year at home on Monday Night Football. The Giants are remaking their offense, and they have problems in terms of talent. I expect Detroit to be a little more together and cohesive, and they are at home. I'll take them for the win.

Week 2: Detroit Lions at Carolina Panthers - I don't know what to expect from the Panthers. Their defense should be quite good. Their offense I don't know. Cam Newton is quite good, but their running backs and receivers and offensive line are questions. I think I'd take the Lions at home, but on the road I'll chalk this up as a loss.

Week 3: Detroit Lions v. Green Bay Packers - The Lions aren't going beat the Packers. The Packers are too good. Loss

Week 4: Detroit Lions at New York Jets - The Jets defense will take a step back this year I think. Their secondary is questionable, and the Lions should have a very good, perhaps great, passing game. I'm trusting Matthew Stafford here. Also, New York's offense will be awful. I'll take the Lions.

Week 5: Detroit Lions v. Buffalo Bills - I think the Bills will have a tough defense, but I have questions about E.J. Manuel. I shall take the Lions at home.

Week 6: Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings - This game will be outdoors! In Minnesota! Adrian Peterson is still excellent, but I don't know about their quarterback situation. I'm up in the air on this one, but I'll take the Lions to eke out the win.

Week 7: Detroit Lions v. New Orleans Saints - The Saints may be the best team in the NFC. Their offense is so good. This should be high scoring, but the Lions will lose.

Week 8: Detroit Lions at Atlanta Falcons - Hmm.... The Falcons struggled last year, but I expect they will improve this season. Their defense is a question though. This is a real tossup. However, on the road, I shall take the Falcons in a squeaker.

Week 9 is a bye

Week 10: Detroit Lions v. Miami Dolphins - I don't think the Dolphins will be that good, although I do like Ryan Tannehill. Again, this is a tossup, as many games will be, and the last few seasons have seen tossups go against the Lions which is concerning, but I'll take the Lions at home.

Week 11: Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals - I would have taken the Cardinals, until they started having so many issues on their defense with injuries as such. Plus, I don't trust Carson Palmer necessarily. I'll take Detroit in, guess what, a close one.

Week 12: Detroit Lions at New England Patriots - Yeah, loss. I don't need to give the details as to why.

Week 13: Detroit Lions v. Chicago Bears - Thanksgiving! Both of these teams have excellent offenses, potentially, but questionable defenses. I kind of think the Bears might win this, but I am going to lean toward the Lions.

Week 14: Detroit Lions v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Another one I am really up in the air about. This year, the Bucs have a better quarterback and a better coach and their defense should be good and their offense too. I am be reading too much into last year with this, but I will take the Lions.

Week 15: Detroit Lions v. Minnesota Vikings - Well, if I took the Lions to win in Minnesota, I shall certainly take them at home. Although, by this point, I think Teddy Bridgewater may be starting, and that's bad from a Detroit perspective, I reckon.

Week 16: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears - Yeah, this late in the year, and on the road, I'll take the Lions to lose. I don't think an offensive coordinator from New Orleans is going to make Detroit's offense more conducive to playing out of doors.

Week 17: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers - If Detroit wants to make the playoffs, they better not save it to late, because they are going to lose their last two games.

OK, so, with all that being taken into account, I have the Lions going 9-7. That... surprises me. I don't think the Lions necessarily have the talent of a 9-7 team, and, frankly, I think they would have to have more than 9-7 talent to actually finish 9-7, because Caldwell is pretty much a lock to cost them at least a game, based on his track record. However, going game to game, 9-7 is what I seem happening. On the other hand, I had the Lions winning several tossups, so I could easily see them ending, like, 6-10, and I think everything goes wrong is more likely than everything going right.

Yet, here we are. I'm predicting the Lions to have a winning record, thus maybe making the playoffs, and as such I guess Martin Mayhew will probably keep his job. Hey, I'd be happy if this happens. I just feel like my prediction could end up looking optimistic when the time comes.

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