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Predicting our end game

Many people have dogs and love them. It is appalling to see however, how many people drive with their best friends in the arms with their dog’s head out the window. Not only is this against the law, it is also unsafe for the pet that is loved and cherished.

We sometimes just don’t think about the end of the picture or the outcome of our actions. That cute and loveable puppy comes into our lives and immediately seeks us out for love and protection. On the way home from acquiring this bundle of love and joy, we just want it to know that above all we are not taking it to the ends of the earth, rather to a place where love will abound, food will be plentiful and toys at each holiday (even some the people haven’t thought of as a holiday – like going to the grocery story).

Soon after we find they need to go to see the vet for a well puppy check and shots. First going there we feel guilty because we know about the shots, the thermometer in a place nobody should stick something and puts hands all over them. So we hold them close and try to let them know we will be there to make it alright. On the trip home we cuddle this little ball of fluff that is certain (from our point of view) the world is cruel and mean to dogs.

All of these are reasons for holding our dog while driving. The end of the road is when we swerve to miss another’s pet or hit a big chug-hole or worse yet are involved in an accident totally not of our own fault. However the end game is our beautiful ball of fluff, the adoring eyes and great puppy breath just flew out the window and was killed when it hit the road.

Please put pets in the proper restraining device. And please not in the front seat where an airbag with the velocity of 200 miles an hour, comes out of the steering compartment. Seatbelts are designed especially for them and travel carriers are also. Check with the for the best in these devices, after all we want this little ball of fluff with that great puppy breath to be there when we get home. At least our friends above are restricted to the back of the auto.

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