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Predestination and God's sovereignty

God's sovereignty and existence can come into doubt during difficult times.
God's sovereignty and existence can come into doubt during difficult times.

There are three main camps of thought for the sovereign Yahweh God which sets the mold for events on Earth, one being God is in total control of every human action, the second is since God knows the end from the beginning, He has woven every human action together to still have His will accomplished, and the third is God has completely abandon human action and allows man determine his own course.

Based on what camp one resides, it will greatly impact the interpretation and belief system that will develop from one of the three aforementioned standards. With the chaos prevalent across our beleaguered planet, how can a God exist with the law of entropy from thermodynamics so thoroughly demonstrated?

One valid observation often stipulated by atheists and doubters of a Yahweh God that is suppose to be in control is the issue of evil and chaos existing to such an extreme. From the doubter’s and skeptic’s point of view is that such disorder offers substantiation that God cannot exist since God doesn’t stop evil, prevent catastrophes, or bail everyone out of trouble all the time.

On the flip side the conclusion is God does not care because if He created everything, then God created evil too. So it is all God’s fault when things go wrong.

What is left out of the equation is a complicated variable known as free will. As the Bible states, everything is permitted, but everything is not beneficial. God does not halt the consequences from happening due to our wise or foolish choices. God must allow the ramifications to play out, which is a partial truth to option number three above that God does allow man to determine his own course.

The second above option is true too in that God does know the end from the beginning according to the prophet Isaiah. God is like a Conductor leading a symphony and knowing how each musician plays, and which notes they will hit or miss. Provision is already in place when they miss their note or sing off-key, however the blend of others doing their job melts the inefficiency into nothingness.

The tricky aspect is the proper definition of predestination where God allows each individual to make a complete choice of their own with consequences. Some declare God causes people to take certain actions, however if that were true, then God violates free will. This would invalidate another scripture which declares God is no respecter of persons.

Just because God knows what is going to happen, it does not mean God makes it happen. Anyone, including Jesus, had the opportunity to walk away from a pre-ordained plan God put together. God never violates His word or operates in Lucifer’s backyard without permission from the planet’s designated owners.

For those God foreknew, God called; for those called, God predestined; for those predestined, God sanctified; for those sanctified, God justified; and for those justified, God will glorify.

The precision in which God operates is orderly and void or any error and miscalculation. Each aspect that God does fulfills a complexity of issues that not only fulfills His will, but does so without violating the free will decisions and consequences of the person making it…either positively or negatively.

Those lacking sound understanding will blame God for circumstances created by themselves. Spiritually immature or morally bankrupt individuals will never accept accountability or responsibility for their bad decisions.

God becomes a convenient scapegoat for anything that goes wrong, and to complete the demented thinking cycle, these same thankless souls will credit themselves should anything go right. It is negatively reinforced only, there’s no God because things go badly, however when things are wonderful this fails to substantiate God’s existence. Only tragedy validates God’s reality.

This confusion is actually spun by many of those attempting to prop up the belief system that God does not exist. A narrow definition of predestination has given birth to some suspect theology that places more emphasis on what God is causing instead of what mankind is doing.

Studying so one can rightly divide the word of God’s truth obviously warns that one can wrongly divide God’s word. One incorrect interpretation will unravel scripture in other sections of the Bible. It is God’s foolproof system to alert believers if something is incorrect.

Claiming God has it wrong reveals a highly inflated opinion of oneself.

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