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'Predators' trailer arrives

'Predators' poster
'Predators' poster
20th Century Fox

Just under a week after the producer Robert Rodriguez debuted some preview footage of the upcoming film Predators at the SXSW Music and Film festival, the first official trailer for the film has arrived.

The first half the new spot largely contains scenes that were in last week's preview, however as the clip goes into the second half, viewers are treated with scenes featuring the meaner and scarier predators created for this latest entry in the franchise.

The film, directed by Nimrod Antal and based of a story idea conceived by Rodriguez nearly a decade ago, is a direct sequel to the original 1987 film that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. Starring Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Danny Trejo, Laurence Fishburne and Alice Braga the film finds a group of soldiers and mercenaries sent to a safari planet where they are pitted against a group of upgraded predators.

Predators opens in theaters on July 7th.