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Predator season hits royalty, too

As news of Prince Charles's losses in his coops hits the press, it's appropriate to remind everyone that predators are particularly wicked this time of year.

September is the season for those of us in the suburban neighborhoods in the Kansas City area to really start paying attention to screaming Blue Jays and squirrel warnings, as these are the sounds heard when a hawk is looming nearby. Don't let the suburban or urban environment lull you into a false sense of security, as the sky sharks will get your walking lunches in a heartbeat. Pay close attention to dusk and get your coops closed securely, as raccoons are hitting people hard around here. The foxes are busy, too- though they have been hunting in the daylight.

If you are on the outskirts or near a wooded green space in town, please make sure your fences are tall and sturdy. A fox can go over a privacy fence, as one demonstrated in a friend's yard this Spring, at noon while she stood there.

If you review past articles, they offer insight into prevention and strong defenses.

It may seem like sounding a paranoid warning here, but please be aware of the season. Your flock thanks you.


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