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Predator getting a reboot and Shane Black is directing/writing

The classic sci-fi franchise is getting a reboot
The classic sci-fi franchise is getting a reboot
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In a shocking turn of events, one of most beloved sci-fi franchise is getting a reboot. When moviegoers think of sci-fi film movie, one of the prominent characters that comes to mind is none other then the Predator. Making its film debut in 1987, Predator took the movie world by storm as Arnold Schwarzenegger took on an intergalactic hunter in the jungles of Central America. Since then, the Predator has been featured in 4 movies; two being sequels and two dealing with the legendary monster going face to face with the iconic Alien. Now, thanks to a story from the Hollywood Reporter, the horror icon will be returning to the silver screen; but who would direct this new installment?

Fortunately, the Hollywood Reporter also answered that question. According to the story, director Shane Black will be handling this new take on the sci-fi franchise. Black, who actually had a small role in the first film, will be directing this reboot as well as helping with the writing. The story points out that the Black will write the film's concept, and once everything is finalized, he will collaborate with his Monster Squad co-writer: Fred Dekker.

So with Shane Black coming up with this new film, one can only imagine how this film will effect the Predator franchise. As sources point out, the movie is going to be a reboot to the series; but how exactly does that work? Will the movie be a new take on Predator? Perhaps we will see familiar characters and events play in this upcoming film. Then again, the movie could go another way. The movie could be reinvent the Predator franchise but still be a part of the franchise's original continuum. It is hard to say at this time. The only thing Predator fans can do is wait and see what the future bring for the sci-fi series.

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