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Precision MD Vivatia Advanced Skincare System hits the target face-on

Mature women hoping for a miracle to stop signs of aging where we hate them most, on the face, need look no farther than PrecisionMD skincare systems new Vivatia Advanced Skincare Stystem.

Before and after Precision proof

With a slogan, “Tough on aging-gentle on skin”, the company has created a four-stepl kit containing Vivatia’s Gentle Cream Cleanser, Restoring Moisturizer, Active Repair Complex 0.5% Retinol PM, and Brightening Complex AM/PM.

Your LA Beauty Products Examiner received a box Saturday and got right on with the testing starting with the creamy cleanser, applying the foam-like restoring moisturizer and the brightening complex and putting on the active also foam-like repair before bed. I love how luxurious the products feel on the skin. It’s too soon for a decision, but so far my skin reacted with glee, almost smiling back at me in the mirror with a youthful radiance few products produce. If only it could remove those darn sun spots from overexposure. Who knows maybe in a week or so it will. Come back and I will let you know.

Actually the system comes with directions to use the cleanser and brightening complex in the morning and use the repair complex on the first day, the brightening on the next day and alternate regularly like that. Always cleanse morning and night and apply eye cream after washing your face and before using other products for best results.

For these and other efficacious Precision products such as the Celfix DNA Youth Recovery Facial Serum, Celfix DNA Ceramide Renewal Nourishing Cream, Relastin Eye Silk Zinc Firming Complex and Celfix iQuad Infusion Total Eye Complex go to

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