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Precious named one of American Film Institute's movie of the year

A 13-person jury made up of film critics, scholars, artists, and trustees voted on this years top ten films and television shows of the year. The movie, Precious, based on the book, Push, by Sapphire, is not surprisingly in the top ten.

Photo released by Lionsgate films. Gabourey Sidibie on set of Precious
AP photo/Lionsgate, Anne Marie Fox

This movie, initially released at the Sundance Festival, has already won many awards. Gabourey Sidibe, who plays the part of Precious,has never been in film before. This gut-wrenching portrayal of a young Harlem teen, sexually abused by her father and physically and emotionally abused by her mother, played by the amazing  Mo 'Nique, is one of the most honest movies made. 

Sixteen-year-old, Precious is the mother of two children, both fathered by her own father. Expelled from school, she finds herself at an alternative school for kids with no hope. It is basically a school for school system throwaways. This school actually becomes a blessing for Precious as teacher, Miss Rain, played by Paula Patton, believes in her. She is the first person to actually love her and give her hope. 

Illiterate Precious learns to read, write, and express her feelings. Miss Rainn helps her to believe that she is important and teaches her how to trust.

There are tears of pain, victory, and hope in this film.

Mo 'Nique plays the mother of Precious.
Paula Patton plays the part of Ms. Rain
Mariah Carey plays Ms. Weiss
Sherri Shepherd plays Cornrows
Lenny Kravitz plays Nurse John
Chyna Layne plays Rhonda
Nealla Gordon plays the role of Mrs. Lichenstein
Bill Sage plays Mr. Wicher

Director Lee Daniels directed and produced this film and the 2006 film, Shadowboxer. He has also produced the 2009 film, Tennessee, In prison My Whole Life (2007), The Woodsman (2004), and Monster’s Ball (2001).

Producers: Opray Winfrey and Tyler Perry.

Screenwriter: Damien Paul

Film has been released in the Cleveland area and will be released in Akron/Canton area December 18.