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Precarious dolls, what you can expect from them?

Precarious! What a word to describe dolls. Particularly a doll collection. Dangerously unstable, insecure, unreliable, doubtful, dubious. These are some of the definitions for precarious. But then there is "depended on circumstances beyond one's control". Hmmm, that to me sounds like a risk taker, a daring soul. Then there is this one “dependent on the will or pleasure of another. That sounds more like what a doll does.

©Tonner Doll Company Inc. All rights reserved. Dolls For the Holidays! Photography by Storm Photo, Kingston, NY.
Images Courtesy Tonner Doll Company, Inc.

But when you look at “Tamed”. (which is the name of the doll), she certainly looks like the risky type doesn’t she? There is so much detail in this doll, that it definitely fits the bill of a precarious one.

Let’s start with the two toned dress. The blue, and subtle gold colors of velvet and mesh fabrics, bring a boldness. When I think of velvet I think of royalty and elegance. Add the mesh and it makes me think of a Victorian style fashion, with a slight, (but not quite) gothic subtle look. There's your boldness. A delicious chunky necklace of greens and iridescent golds. Then there’s the delicate fishnets. They look so delicate, that you probably would not notice them at first. But, you would sense that the legs have an interesting hue about them. Ah ha! The platform, high heeled shoes are, so oow la la.

Finally, the countenance. I am fascinated by the doll's eyes. The eyelashes are so full and detailed, given these are lashes for fashion dolls. With these lashes, Tamed's eyes have a nice deep and daring look.

Precarious? Definitely

Tamed goes for the sale price of $169.99. Visit Tonner Dolls online, to see more of the collection. See our photo gallery, for a closer look at Tamed, the Precarious collection

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