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Preacher tells congregation, 'You have come too far to give up now'

On Wednesday, July 23, Rev. Latasha Corbin preached at New Canaan Worship Center in Richmond, Virginia. She is the wife of Rev. Leon Corbin. The Corbins are one of three couples at the church who are ministers. The others are Elder William and his wife, Rev. Jacqueline Mickey and Rev. Daniel and Rev. Wendy Bradley.

Rev. Latasha Corbin preaches at New Canaan Worship Center
Margaret Minnicks
Rev. Latasha Corbin preaches at New Canaan Worship Center
Margaret Minnicks

Rev. Corbin's sermon was one of encouragement where she used the title, "You Have Come Too Far to Give Up Now" based on Philippians 3:12-14. Before she began her sermon, she read the poem "Don't Quit" by Edgar A. Guest which was a very good transition into her message.

The preacher said Paul had encouraged the Philippians to keep going and not give up; therefore, she was going to do the same thing for her listeners. She gave a list of things people might be going through with the intent to give up. She said someone might have lost a job, but don't give up because that might push them to get something better. She reminded the congregation of the story of Job who lost everything including his family, but God restored everything to Job who didn't give up.

Rev. Corbin gave three major points that can be seen in the way Paul encouraged us not to give up.

  1. Press toward perfection. Get better at whatever you are doing. Prepare yourself and apply yourself to do greater things. If something is your passion, don't give up on it. Keep pressing and moving forward.
  2. Don't look back. Christ has an end in mind for you and me. Paul moved forward. He kept his eyes on God. Don't stay in the past. God gives us brand new mercies everyday so we can keep moving. A winner keeps his eyes on the prize, and he doesn't give up.
  3. Keep in mind that progress has already been made. Don't look back. Keep moving ahead. Instead of raising your hand to give up the towel, raise your hand to God. Don't get discouraged and turn back.

After the minister shared how Paul encouraged us to keep going, she gave a personal testimony how she was on the verge of giving up because she thought she hadn't gotten a passing grade on an online course she was taking. Her husband advised her to keep going and not give up. He encouraged her by saying, "If it was easy, everyone would be doing it." When she checked her grades, she was surprised to discover that she had gotten a "B" in the course and did not have to take the course over. She admitted that she had prayed for favor, and God was working behind the scene without her knowledge of it.

Rev. Corbin concluded her sermon by saying that Jesus did not give up when He went to the cross to die for our sins. Because of this example, we should keep pressing on and not give up. After all, "We have come too far to give up now."