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'Preacher's Daughters' season 2 spoilers: Megan's clothes smell like marijuana

Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

"Preacher's Daughters" has started season two on Lifetime. On March 18, the show went to their Facebook page to share an exclusive sneak peek full of spoilers. Megan is going to have to face her parents when she comes home and her clothes smell like marijuana.

Her parents find what Megan had on the night before and they don't like the smell at all. They both agree it smells like marijuana so her dad calls her down immediately. Her mom is not happy about the decisions she is making. Of course Megan denies it and says that she can't smell anything. They know what the smell is and are sure of it.

Megan honestly never admits that she was smoking it or that she was with anyone who was and then her parents say it is time for a drug test. She doesn't look happy with that idea at all. It sounds like she will be taking one.

New episodes of "Preacher's Daughters" air on Wednesday nights on Lifetime.

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