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Pre-teens outgrowing toys


I remember several years ago, running to the store excited about Christmas shopping for my little girl.  She had always been easy to shop for and I couldn't wait.  As always, I went straight to the Barbie aisle.  After a moment, I realized that Kaylie had outgrown the Barbie aisle.  She had quit playing with Barbies months before.  In fact, she had outgrown many of her toys.  She was growing up and I would have to go to the electronics section then look at clothes and accessories.  I was a little sad as I left the store, but there was no reason for it.  Yes, it was the end of another season of life and I had thoroughly enjoyed my daughter as a baby, toddler, and elementary aged child, but I would continue to enjoy her through her pre-teen and teen years.  It's not the same, but it can be just as enjoyable.

When your child begins growing up, don't fight it, but embrace it.  Continue to parent, discipline, and enjoy your children.  They still desperately need loving parents at this stage.  Friendship can come when they are adults.  Be excited about this chapter in their lives and also think of new ways you can connect with your children.  After you have a game plan, get started.  Don't wait!  Before you know it, this chapter will be closed and you will be planning on enjoying a new one!  Keep your camera and video camera handy this Christmas and please, stay out of the Barbie section!

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