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Pre-teen threatened with expulsion will perform alongside the Altino Brothers

*This just in: The world famous Altino Brothers will host Vanessa Van Dyke tomorrow evening at End Time Worship Center in Orlando, Florida.*

Catch the Altino Brothers with Vanessa Van Dyke at End Times Worship Center in Orlando,Florida
Fred Willis/SoulProsper Media Group

Music is undoubtedly transcendent. It transcends all perceptible boundaries and for many, is the life altering escape to and from reality that has preserved life and brought clarity to purpose and destiny. Vanessa Van Dyke is yet another beneficiary of such intrinsic qualities. You may remember Floridian's story as she was bullied and threatened with expulsion for her natural hairstyle last year.

As the story progressed, so did the outrage of its preposterous nature. Ultimately, Van Dyke was not expelled and the story faded into obscurity. Once apprised of the victimization the Altino Brothers of New York arranged to meet and perform with Van Dyke, who enjoys performing classical music on her violin.

On their way to becoming world class performers selling out world class venues including famed Lincoln Center, Nerva and Robenson Altino were also childhood victims of bullying. The brothers identify with Van Dyke's plight and are thrilled to connect with her and inspire greatness toward a very bright future

"Vanessa is a brave young lady. We admire her for her courage, and are looking forward to meeting her in Orlando." -Nerva Altino

Original plans to meet and perform in New York last winter fell through, but all involved are proud to announce that she will perform with the duo tomorrow in her hometown, Orlando, Florida.

Vanessa speaks of this opportunity with a smile in her eyes:

"This is so exciting and amazing that I'm meeting the Altino Brothers finally! I was so disappointed that we couldn't go to New York to see them in December, but now I get to see them here in Orlando. I feel really blessed that I'm a special guest with my mom. It is truly an honor.”

Vanessa and her mother have since created "Vanessa's Essence", a natural hair care product currently under development as they seek investors to produce, distribute and market the product.

Information contained in this article provided by Boaz publicity.

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