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Pre-South Park came Orgazmo

Joe Young
Joe Young

Trey Parker (co-creator and producer of South Park) plays Joe Young, a gullible friendly Mormon from Utah sent off to Hollywood for missionary work. While peddling door to door preaching the book of Mormon, Young finds himself at the house of Maxxx Orbison (a creepy low budget porn director).  Impressed by Youngs personality and looks, Orbison sees potential for a promising young actor. Promised that all he has to do is act, with no actual 'penetration'  (that's for the 'stuntcocks' Young is told), Orbison tries to persuade him into starring in his porno movie. Faced with money problems, Young reluctantly agrees in order to earn enough cash to pay for his wedding back home. Little does he know that this porno in which he was promised no one will probably even watch will turn out to be a high-grossing Blockbuster hit.

If you're a South Park/BASEketball fan, you'll like this movie. It contains all the same stupid jokes whose humor can put a smile on anyone with the attention span of about a few seconds. Be warned however: if you get offended by; religious jokes, degrading porn, crazy Asians, dildos, excessive language, or inappropriate orgasms... steer clear from this film, cause it's definitely not for everyone.

The-film-within-the-film stars "Orgazmo", a super hero who with the help of his sidekick Choda Boy (Dian Bachar) fights off bad guys with his signature weapon, The Orgazmorator. A gun that unexpectedly triggers an orgasm to whomever it is fired upon. After the unexpected success of Orgazmo, Orbison decides to go back on his promise to Joe and kidnaps his fiancé in order to coerce him into performing in the sequels he has recently planned.

Joe decides to come to his fiancés aid with the help of Choda Boy, who in his spare time has developed a real Orgazmorator. Now Joe has the real powers that mirror his fictitious superhero powers.

How ridiculous is that whole concept? Good enough worth watching would be a safe bet, if you like South Park-typed humor. Originally rated NC-17 (a rating hardly ever passed down on comedies), the film received a very limited release and grossed very unsuccessful numbers. However, it's a classic for some.

So for all of you who have never seen the supreme comedic genius of Trey Park and Matt Stone before their extremely successful South Park series, watch Orgazmo: disappointment isn't possible.


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