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Pre Separation and Divorce Clinics


A local long Island firm has recently decided to hold bi weekly meetings they are calling Pre-separation and Divorce Clinics. The firm touts this as a  way to help members of the local community contemplating a separation or divorce or who have been told that their spouse is considering one.  This is a very difficult and confusing time in someone’s life and people have many unanswered questions.  With the difficulties of the current economy, it is even more traumatic, as people are concerned about their jobs, their savings and retirement plans, the value of their house and current debt. People going through marital problems may anticipate the legal turmoil ahead but may not be sure how to be better prepared. “Financial stress is a precipitating factor behind many divorces.  We can help to alleviate some of the stress of not knowing what to expect from the divorce process itself.” explains a partner in the firm who will be facilitating these meetings.  The goal of this legal clinic is to help participants address their concerns and questions about the financial and legal implications of divorce and separation.  It will help address questions about mediation, custody and visitation, how divorce affects children, supervised visitation, what happens in court and what happens out of court, downward modification and how to protect oneself. Not quite sure how this differs from a free consultation which most of us offer...but you have to give them credit for their ingenuity and advertising.


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