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Pre-requisites for finding a Job In Chennai's Automobile Industry

Jobs in Chennai
Jobs in Chennai

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is home to many Automobile Manufacturing Units from all across the Globe. Also referenced as the Detroit of India absorbs the brightest Engineers from all over the country, bringing in upward growth in your career as an Automobile Engineer. The apex of this article is Automobile Sector Jobs In Chennai.

Chennai has the largest number of Automobile Manufacturing Units. The Economy of Chennai is based on 30 percent of India’s automobile industry and 40 percent of auto components industry. Automobile Brands such as Renault, Robert Bosch, Nissan Motors, Ashok Leyland, Daimler AG, Caterpillar Inc., Komatsu Limited, Hyundai, BMW and Mitsubishi have manufacturing units as well as R&D plants located here.
So with such a wide base of Automobile Manufacturers, the opportunities here are endless and rewarding. Engineers from streams like Mechanical, Automobile, Production, and Electrical are always in demand which make sure the efficient operation of all the Manufacturing and R&D Processes.

Skills Required For Automobile Sector
Automobile Industry is always on a look out for Innovation. More importance is laid on Research and Development, which ensures sustenance in the highly competitive market of Automobiles.
For those who have a passion for Automobiles and have an eye for Innovation and Improvisation are well suited for Job roles in this Industry; however, there are certain skills that employers now are looking for.
Skills such as ;
Innovation: For those who are passionate about R&D on automobiles need to be highly innovative as it is of prime importance for achieving & retaining competitiveness.
Knowledge of Robotics: as all the manufacturing process are automated with the help of Robots in order to increase and maintain production output.
Supply Chain Management: Managing the availability, sourcing of components, delivery of finished goods come under the umbrella of supply chain management; which is essential to manufacturing processes. With the know-how of supply chain management, you can keep a track of manufacturing process and the requirements for production.
Quality Control: Quality is one of the basic parameters of manufacturing processes. Quality managers check the quality of finished goods before delivering it to the market.
So with any of these four skills in your skill set you can maximize your chances of getting hired for a role in Automobile Manufacturing Units.

Being in the midst of Digital Age, finding jobs has become fairly simple. As employers from every sector now follow the trend of updating Job Openings on various job portals which allow them to reach to a wider audience, or to say job seekers. All the job portals allow its users to apply for multiple openings at any point in time, which does maximize one's chances of getting hired.

Also to make yourself more employable in this industry going for a Master's Degree in any stream related to Automobile, Short term Diplomas, Post Graduate Diplomas and Certificate courses can help you in getting hired for a Senior Level position. Also keeping yourself updated with the latest trends, in technology, methods or any other recent developments within the industry can come in handy to crack an interview and get hired.

This article will benefit those engineers who love Automobiles and are passionate about making a significant contribution in the Automobile Industry. The Automobile Industry has been witnessing multi-fold growth over the years and is still witnessing growth in various segments of the business.

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