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Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S5 at a savings

Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S5 at a savings in Radio Shack stores starting March 21, 2014. The video report (embedded video) by WOCHit also gives some detail on how to save some cash* when shopping the Galaxy S5 in your Radio Shack store. But a caution on how to save $50.00* when pre-ordering the Galaxy S5 in the Shack - print out the online coupon before proceeding to the store. Please don't use the coupon printout from this article but go to the website for the coupon. Your sales associate will need the bar code and instructions on the coupon to give you your $50* discount.

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear 2
Derivative work by George Koprowicz; Donald Bowers/Getty Images for Samsung; Examiner

Even though you should be able to pre-order online your Samsung Galaxy S5 the savings don't appear to apply online. And there's another catch - the Galaxy S5 is subject to availability and that may depend on your choice of carrier. The Radio Shack page advises you to do that at the store. And the offer stands for a "limited time only". No idea given on the time limit. However, you should be able to receive your new phone by mid-April. Reading the fine print tells you that you must be "eligible" for the purchase and deposit $50 (!) in the form of a Radio Shack gift card.

Your deposit is non-refundable and you are limited to 3 pre-orders. Yes, always read the fine print. For further Samsung Galaxy S5 savings at the store Radio Shack is offering 3 specified trade-ins. The trade-in is on select working smartphones with selected carriers. The savings here (per the fine print again) are from $75 to $300 - depending. The $75 deal applies to the Samsung Galaxy SIII AT+T 16 GB. The $300 offer applies to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 AT+T 32 GB and/or the iPhone 5s AT+T/Verizon 64 GB. More savings vary to other models of smartphone.

Your trade-in phone must be appraised before savings apply to your pre-order. Gee, trading in your phone for the Samsung Galaxy S5 (or any phone) is like trading in a car. If you don't know your local Radio Shack location they have provided an online map. The WOCHit video suggests (?) that the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is also coming to Radio Shack. However, it did not turn up in some searching. The Examiner cannot guarantee your success in any of the offers.

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