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Pre-order new Max Bemis comic series

Order the upcoming comic series from Say Anything frontman Max Bemis
Boom! Studios

Max Bemis is returning to the world of comic books in March with his new series, once again releasing via Boom! Studios!

The series, entitled Evil Empire is the tale of a modern society that transforms into, you guessed it, an evil empire. This transformative tale is told from the perspective of an underground rapper named Reese who witness the devolution of the world around him. Unfortunately, other than the small blurb on the product's page, little more is known about the title. However, if it's anything like Bemis's previous work, expectt tongue-in-cheek, and scathing social commentary that is one part satire and sever other parts reflectively introspective finger pointing.

Max Bemis is the leader singers and primary songwriter for the indie-pop group Say Anything. Bemis began his foray into literature with first comic min-seires, Polarity, which dealt with a bipolar artist stuck in a hipster world who realized that his disorder granted him unique powers. The critically acclaimed series presented Bemis as more than just a music writer. He has since written for Marvel Comics on their A+X series, and is currently working on another creator owned series for Boom!

The first issue of Evil Empire hits physical and digital stores beginning in March. Pre-orders for the entire collection of the series are available through Boom! Studios's web store. Those who purchase the series will do so on a subscription basis, receiving each issue on or before its date of release.

Pre-order Evil Empire by Max Bemis

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