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Pre-Order L. A. Noire and pick it up at midnight at GameStop

New Detective Game L.A. Noire
New Detective Game L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire is not due out for almost two weeks but gamers can currently pre-order the game online or at a local GameStop store for pickup on May 17th. In fact those who do want the game early will be able to pick it up at certain Dayton area GameStop stores that will have a midnight opening on release day.

The action/adventure game is based on the heyday of Hollywood after the war. As an LAPD detective gamers must solve cases from various forms of police officers; Patrol, Traffic, Homicide, Vice and Arson; solve crimes that were inspired by real life cases from 1947, search for clues and question witnesses to uncover the truth. L.A. Noire is even based on an 8 square miles of Los Angeles from 1947 so the game will look very realistic.

By pre-ordering now not only are gamers guaranteed to get it on opening day, but GameStop also has the following bonuses for doing so: a standalone case and 20 police badges. The Badge Pursuit Challenge, finding the 20 police badges, will get gamers more bonus items in L.A. Noire for acquiring them all. The Naked City is a standalone case which gamers can play to extend their game time in L.A. Noire.