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Pre-Kindergarten Children learn to save Money!

Creativity, Savings, & Team Work!
Creativity, Savings, & Team Work!
Jeff Schaefer

The Cleveland Cavaliers and PNC Bank donated $1,500 to two Pre-Kindergarten classes in Cleveland this past week. The two schools that took part in this event were Clement Boys Leadership Academy and Douglas MacArthur Girls Leadership Academy. The contribution was a portion of the proceeds from the 2010 Cavaliers postseason PNC Watch Parties, and was donated in conjunction with PNC’s focus on early childhood education, PNC Grow up Great. The children had great time learning about the value of savings and creating their very own one-of-a-kind piggybank with help from volunteers from both organizations. It goes to show how the Cavs can team up with PNC to make the future of little children educational and fun!