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Pre-k ideas for school improvement plan

Gardening school improvement plan

It is important to build a positive school community environment within the classroom and site at-large. One of those components to think about is the school improvement plan where ideas, written reports and implementation will vary depending upon what the needs are for the school.

As the school year comes to an end pre-k teachers are asking for ideas that one can considered for a school improvement plan. Here are some of the school improvement plans activities teachers wrote and implemented for your consideration next school year.

1. Plans for the playground were re-designed to create a play experience with natural resources. Some examples were recyclable cans hung by string at different height levels for musical exploration. A fish pond with walking bridge for the children to observe fish in natural habitat. And a covered stage area with different height wooden stumps with art easels for free self-expressions.

2. Letters were written and donations received from local chain stores with monetary and/or materials to make repairs to the playground. Parents were encouraged to volunteer in the effects ensuring play equipment was in good repair and beautification with new coats of paint. In addition, the class planted a vegetable garden of different foods then recorded growth that reinforced eating fresh healthy foods.

3. Parents were surveyed on topics (suggested ones and blank space) they would like to attend trainings on to gain a better understanding of child development. The trainings were facilitated by the teacher and/or community professionals once a month.

4. Due to the high usage of various social media, the teacher created a classroom blog where information was posted weekly with pictures related to lesson plan and child-initiated interest. Parents were able to post questions and/or comments maintain positive communication.

5. There was an underutilized space that was primarily a storage area for equipment not presently being used. The teacher surveyed colleagues on ways to use the space more functionally and decided to create a gross motor room (used as alternative to inclement weather). Current equipment was used and some purchased being culturally developmentally age appropriate for children birth to age five (5).

Hopefully, after reading these activities implemented for school improvement plan you will review your school then see how at least one of these activities can be done next school year. Remember, every plan will be accustomed to your school and good luck with whatever school improvement plan selected for the overall education all.

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