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Pre-K for All Initiative Launched in New York City

New York City mayor flanked by pre-k student
New York City mayor flanked by pre-k student
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

A new series of public service announcements are outlining New York City's historic expansion into Pre-K for the 2014-2015 school year. "The city is encouraging families to apply for remaining seats in neighborhoods across the city. The PSA, which showcases the critical preparation for kindergarten and continuing education that expanded pre-K will provide for 4-year-olds, will be targeted online to likely parents of 4-year-olds in neighborhoods where the City is seeking to raise awareness of new pre-K options," added a statement by the New York City education Chancellor Carmen Fariña's office today (August 5).

Examiner has learned that the 30-second PSA's are part of an extensive effort to engage parents and families citywide with pre-K programs that foster academic, cognitive and social development. "The City has also utilized multilingual grassroots outreach in partnership with community groups and volunteers, robocalls to families, and other print and video PSAs on bus shelters, buses, subways and taxis to spread the word about pre-K opportunities," added the statement by the Chancellor's office.

“High-quality, full-day pre-K gives our youngest students the tools they need to succeed in
kindergarten. It is crucial that all parents and families know about the tremendous long-term benefits pre-K
offers their children, and know how to apply,” said Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña. “This is one of
many ways we are reaching out across communities to raise awareness to give families the opportunity to
take advantage of this critical year of enriched academic learning.”

“Pre-K for All is the foundation for New York’s educational and economic future, and we must
make sure that it’s serving all communities,” said Deputy Mayor Richard Buery. “Parents and families of
4-year-olds on every block in every neighborhood need to know that they can still apply for free pre-K.
These are great, high-quality options for kids. We’ve made it easier than ever to apply. But for parents to
take advantage they need to call, text or go online now.”

Staten Island parents it is not too late to enroll your young child in some schools. To learn more about how you can enroll your young child in a Pre-K program near you watch the PSA Parents of pre-K age chhildren apply for pre-K now through Its not too late to find publicly funded education for your child.