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Pre-filled bills to the 97th general assembly

As Missouri legislature starts a session the following are some proposal put forward by state legislatures:

  • Senate Bill 486 proposed by Senator Rupp will impose campaign contribution limits on candidates. Governors contribution limits will be $25,000.00. Senator's will be limited to $10,000 per contribution while representatives will be limited to $2,500. In his January 10th column, Rupp argue the bill will add oversight on what politicians do with their donations.
  • Brad Lager proposal, SB 488, will prohibit elected officials from acting as paid consultants and prohibit them from being a paid lobbyist within 2 years of leaving office. This would effect Democrats and Republicans. Tracy McCreery was hired on as Public Policy Manager with Promo in 2013. McCreery served in the state legislature after winning a special election in November of 2011 before loosing in the Democrat Primary in 2012. Jim Lembke was hired with United for Missouri in 2013 after loosing to Scott Shifton in 2012 general election. Both have done some lobbying in 2013, but only Lembke is listed as a registered lobbyist in 2013.
  • Senator Eric Schmitt propose SB 495 that will modify the school transfer law in Missouri. Schmitt's proposal will make it easier for students to attend charter schools as well as allow and unaccredited school district to increase school days and terms.
  • In the House, Joshua Peters proposed HB 1122 called the End Racial Profiling Act of 2014. While Missouri has a low on prohibiting racial profiling that requires reporting of traffic stops. This law will apply to all stops.
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