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Pre-Fall 2014 Tsumori Chisato Teleports Girls To Prague With Ease

Pre-Fall 2014 Tsumori Chisato

Paris, January 15, 2014

Tsumori Chisato, the Japan born famous graduate of Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, who started her career in 1977 working for Issey Miyake, has been doing this for a long time and it shows. She designs for a lady from a specific place...sometimes from her dreamy imagination and other times places real to Earth. Nevertheless each season she is the fashion goddess for that town. She seems to stay true to her real life travels for pre-fall and this season she's balancing comfort on couture with inspirations from Prague, Czech Republic. She has repeated a few ideas we viewed in pre-fall from 2013 such as the hand sketched city scape and black bias tape seaming on off white creations. Albeit she is still putting combinations together that only Japanese designers showing in Paris can pull off and make shoppers still want to don. She is somewhat of a fashion magician, pulling exactly the bunny we want to see out of her proverbial top hat. Her style is pretty and feminine while being wear-ably wacky. So it is no surprise that black tape outlined patchwork involving quilting has taken over her first few looks but in a way that pre-fallers must have. Chisato's pre-fall is clearly though just a suggestion of comfort for onlookers to settle into for the real show shortly to come in February. She is suggesting ease now so that the inhalation of her majestic display for her fall collection can all be taken in. Her sheer volume of pattern, drapery, and use of shin and ankle length mermaid tail hems from Fall 2013 urges fashionistas further wanderlust into imagining how this pre-fall will shape into fall. Considering we were underwater last year lobster style after her pre-fall trip to Buenos Aires, anticipation is at an all time high. Pre-fall was exciting. Her capes were dreamy and paired with track pants is a style sure to set the bar for comfortable warmth in chic style when the cold moves in later this year. Use of texture is her second specialty as we, true to form, see all sorts furs, leathers, circular patterns, and knits. She has her way with wide A-line skirts and a nod to the 50's which are sure to cross over into the fall collection but probably in a wearable spacesuit from Mars. If you're in the market for the most fashionable fur wrist warmer gloves or unique black on white tights then you've come to the right designer. Creme and black are the theme with Dalmatian prints, cherry, maroon, and chestnut reds, night forest green, a dash of navy, calming oranges once in the form of a fox, take the journey through Prague fashion as one to compliment any wardrobe with absolute grace and poise.

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